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Rakdust Healing

Somatic Practioner & Empowerment Coach


Naomi Herllein


Maddy Partow 


Bridget Haxby



I empower intuitive souls to find true freedom within. Mastering their inner landscape and integrating mind, body and spirit to dance together in unity. 



Working with Rakhee has led me to some massive breakthroughs. My biggest one is realising all emotions are welcome and allowing them to be there. I used to shame parts of myself - and through this work I have learnt unconditional love. When I first met Rakhee - I would judge, shame or push away emotions and I wanted to learn how to not resist them. I didn't know where to start, and I used to feel so overwhelmed and stressed. I am so grateful for the work I've done with Rakhee because now I know how to connect with myself on a deeper level, with no shame, just love and acceptance. I have honestly seen a massive shift in myself, I feel so at peace now that I've learnt to love and allow through listening to my body.

Christina Christophi 


Struggling with Long Covid, Rakhee's circles are a place I can go to calm my nervous system and connect to the health and life inside me. I used to have pelvic pain and ovarian pain, but ever since one extremely powerful session that included sound healing, I no longer have these symptoms - they've completely vanished. There is so much power in sharing life experiences and spirituality with a warm group of people and knowing these circles are there for me every fortnight is of great comfort. Rakhee makes everyone feel really welcome and is very open and generous about her own experiences. I have met some lovely people and I know there are many more who will find their way there.

                Jo Tilley 


My sessions with Rakhee have been utterly liberating, they have enabled my mind to flip on so many different levels and it feels so good! It challenged every narrative I've previously had about therapy and self-development and took me to the depths of my discomfort - which is how I knew it was working. Inside, I feel like a completely different person. It feels like the love I'm offering myself is being felt by younger selves and these versions of me are showing up in my dreams to let me know. I am entering 2022 feeling empowered and whole. 

Meredith Cairns Palmer


Rakhee's open-ended questions - asked throughout our sessions - helped me to dive deep into my energy and feel what it truly was. Rakhee holds a loving, open space, where even your most vulnerable parts will be safe and encouraged to come out for healing. Our sessions helped me feel into my body, and all the messages it held for me. It was a beautiful journey. The integration of all the parts was my favourite because I could find acceptance within all parts of myself just as they are. Rakhee is a very gifted and an intuitive guide who is the perfect support for this method of healing. I love how she encouraged me to be my most authentic self as she unapologetically did the same. It is very empowering and feels like a breath of fresh air just to be in her presence. Her passion for this work and helping others is real and can be felt which amplifies it’s potency. I left our sessions feeling strong and ready to both conquer and loving listen to my demons/dark side whenever they arise with a sense of strength, acceptance, and nurturing energy rather than to suppress and push them down. Overall, I adopted a great deal of acceptance and genuine self-love through our sessions.

Annmarie Ciulla


Rakhee was really gentle, sweet, emphatic and perceptive, she guided me in a really precise way. I felt contained, accepted, loved and supported. She really helped me to unlock my body, to reconnect with love and acceptance. I learned a lot about how to face feelings in my body in an effective and conscious way. I am beyond grateful for her magic, healing guidance and our lovely encounter 💗

Naomi Herllein


My somatic experience with Rakhee was such a peaceful experience. I felt so in tune with my body. I received so many beautiful intuitive messages. Her guidance throughout the experience made me feel so seen, heard & safe. Rakhee is truly a beautiful healer who shows you exactly how to heal yourself through awareness, love & acceptance.

Maddy Partow 

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